Episode #18: Action Figures w/ Asterios Kokkinos

October 21, 2016
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Episode #18: Action Figures w/ Asterios Kokkinos

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This week’s episode comes complete with real kung-fu grip! Podcast and Something Awful favorite Asterios Kokkinos dropped by to discuss action figures and wound up discussing just about everything you could imagine in our most wonderfully tangent-filled episode yet! Make sure you check out his new book, Toys “4” Cheap: The Magic of Toys Will Shut Up Your Child on Amazon.

Highlights Include: Steamed Hams, The Second Coming of the Barber Messiah, Teenage Mutant Ninja Farmers, The X-Men/Ghostbusters Team Up You’ve Always Dreamed Of, An Incredibly In-Depth Look into the Terminator-Winslowverse, Solving the Homeless Problem with Teddy Ruxpin and much (much!) more.