Episode #20: Robots w/ Glen Tickle

December 5, 2016
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Episode #20: Robots w/ Glen Tickle

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Running C:\\newepisode.bat. Systems online. We’re back with a brand new episode all about robots. We are joined by a special guest, comedian and comedy robot programmer Glen Tickle, to discuss the finer points of parenting both children and robots, the dumb robots from our childhoods and what parts of us we want chopped off and replaced with shiny robo-bits. You can check out Glen’s new album Yes, Please on Bandcamp.

Highlights Include: We’re All the Worst at Raking Leaves, Jeremy Has a Board Game and No Friends, Robots: The Most Oppressed Group in Cinema History?, A Long Discussion of Zordon from The Power Rangers, A Quiz on Bad Robot Names, Cory Tries to Defend the Robot Maid From Rocky IV and much more!