Episode #24: Irrational Fears

March 20, 2017
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Episode #24: Irrational Fears

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Shh! Quiet down or you’ll attract the Podcast Goblin! You’ve heard of the Podcast Goblin, right? No? Well it makes about as much sense as the other stuff we’ve been afraid of. In this episode, we discuss all the crazy things we were irrationally afraid of as children, what we’re still shamefully afraid of, and we explore the brave new world of silly things to be afraid of in the future.

Highlights Include: Sweet Sashes, Backyard Land Sharks, Why Did Everyone Assume Kids Wanted to See The Crypt Keeper?, Escalators: Nature’s Killing Machines, Muppet Baby Nightmare Nanny, Chokeshack, Matt Joins the KKK and much more!

Show Notes: We met knock-off Spongebob and Shrek!