Episode #25: Soda w/ Joel Torres

April 17, 2017
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Episode #25: Soda w/ Joel Torres

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Shake up your phone and spray this new episode into your earholes because we’re talking about soda. It’s sweet, it’s sticky, and being the disgusting manchildren we are it’s our only source of hydration. Joining is this week is Joel Torres of the podcast Please Don’t Send Me into Outer Space, available right here on the Ear Trumpet Audio network.

Highlights Include: A Mouthful of Hockey Crunch, Cave Man Soda, Root Beer is Sinful and Tastes Different After You Kill a Man, the Problem With Fruit Flavors, Suicide (the Drink, Not the Action), Soda for Cats, Japan: Innovating the Weirdest Things, A Mouthful of Ants and much more!